The Many Faces of a Frame!

When someone thinks of a frame, a plain wood box comes to mind most of the time. But framing comes in many shapes, sizes, designs, colors, variations, and more. And believe it or not, there are several different types of frames on top of the already endless amounts of regular framing moulding. Regular frames are just that – the typical frame that usually comes to mind when someone mentions a frame. Here at Frame Designs, we stock thousands (literally, THOUSANDS) of different framing mouldings that  you can pick and choose from- and there are over a million combinations you could …

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Featured Artist of the Month- Carol Haynes

Featured Artist of the Month Carol Haynes April 2017 Carol Haynes is a devoted artist, in all senses of the word. She frequently shows her love for pets and her faith in her artwork. The attention to detail she attends to in her pastel works is simply phenomenal, and many rave of her pet portraits. Carol frequently shows at Brush Strokes Gallery in Fredericksburg, VA. Interested in how Carol developed her love for art? Learn more about her in our interview with the artist: What is your favorite medium to work with? Charcoal has long been my favorite “drawing” medium. …

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Featured Artist of the Month- Troy Howell


Frame Designs Gallery Artist of the Month February 2017   Troy Howell is an artist by nature. He claims his start began when he could first “grasp the concept of a pencil”. Troy’s work is generally described as being representational of an idea, but still realistic in essence. He credits his inspirations to be linked to music, and believes his work stands for “one man’s attempt at using a man’s creative impulses”. Read his full interview and artist bio here:   What is your favorite medium to work with?  Graphite and collage. What is your biggest inspiration?  Music. Could you …

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November Artist of the Month- Johnny Johnson


Frame Designs Artist of the Month November 2016 Johnny Johnson is a Fredericksburg favorite. Originally from North Carolina, the artist is now one of the key artists in our growing community. He came from humble beginnings, in what he describes as an “unsophisticated background”. From an incredibly young age, he was frequently caught doodling in church bulletins, an action that he continued into his adulthood. Throughout his young life, Johnny had no art teacher in school, but a mentor that encouraged him to go to an art school despite the negative stigma on the major in those days.   His …

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Rabbits, Rarebits, and Rabbets.

A rabbit is a cute little animal with a fuzzy tail and a pink nose.  They hop about, eating grass and they squeak if you squeeze them. But don’t squeeze them.  They aren’t very useful in framing. Rarebit is delicious.  It is described as cheese melted with ale or beer served over toast.  It is not recommended to use with framing either. Rabbets are the inside edge of a frame going from the face to the back of the frame.  These are very important to know about.  Some frames have a shallow rabbet as small as ¼”.  They would work well …

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