5 Ways to Take Care of Your Unframed Artwork


 Do you have artwork floating around your house, in piles or shoved in random corners? Does it look something like this?   As a framing gallery, we have seen artwork in all sizes, shapes, and conditions. Some customers bring in their artwork in tubes, some in sleeves, some in plastic bags even…but the way your store your artwork is of incomparable importance. If improperly stored, the condition of your artwork can quickly become compromised.   Here are five tips to help you keep your unframed artwork in mint condition, from your friends at Frame Designs Gallery:   Storing paper artwork …

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Featured Framing of the Week- Large Print


Every year around the holiday season, Frame Designs is presented with some rather interesting framing challenges. This year was no different. Around a week before Christmas, we were presented with a rather large challenge, both figuratively and factually speaking. A woman arrived in the shop with a print amounting to a whopping 58” x 88”, asking to receive it for a time- sensitive occasion around the new year. Such a large piece is not easily completed, and brings about many challenges of its own. For instance, because the painting was printed on paper, it would need the protection of glass …

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Artist of the Month- Ceebs


  Frame Designs Gallery Artist of the Month December 2016 Ceebs has been a fundamental member of the Fredericksburg art community for over 30 years, because what is a local art community without it’s framer? Cheryl T. Bosch grew up with two siblings whose initials were all CTB- thus, they were the Ceebs. Ceebs is an ambiguous name that knows no stereotyping or expectations. Ceebs’ felted art is whimsical and elaborated, while her portraiture is lively, and borders on hyper- realism. She draws inspiring from all around her- nature, people, techniques, and more. Even curiosity yields great works- sometimes, her favorite …

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Something We Have Never Seen Before…


This is a carved leaf, an actual leaf. Our customer brought in a set of two beautifully carved leaves. I had to find out more about them. I looked on the internet and discovered Chinese leaf carving. It’s an amazing art form that involves heat, alchemy and extreme precision. The video I watched showed people creating these beautiful scenes with needles. They held the prepared leaves up to the light and pierced in between the tiniest veins to create the image. I love that even in my 30th year of framing I’m still awed by the things we get to see. …

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The Faces of Frame Designs- Cheryl Bosch


Who am I? Let’s start with the easy stuff. My name is Cheryl Bosch and I sign my artwork with the name ceebs. My sister, brother and I all have the same initials. My sister called us the ceebs. I like the nickname and it’s easier to paint! We are originally from Pennsylvania. My sister came down first when she took a teaching job at Gayle middle school in 1982. One by one the rest of the family came down. I moved here first in August of 1985 and the took a job in Baltimore in November of 1985. I moved …

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The Faces of Frame Designs- Olivia Sanderson


  “I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.” – Vincent Van Gogh Olivia can frequently be caught daydreaming about all the little things in life. She is a currently a student at UMW pursuing a career in the arts. She has a love for dogs that is paralleled only for her love for frozen yogurt. Her love for art spawned from those around her- her artist mother who homeschooled her most of her life, her close friends, and mentors like three fabulous art teachers who went above and beyond their contract to …

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Framing Friday!


This was brought to us by a customer who had previously worked at the National Bank of Fredericksburg. After the bank closed, the building was eventually converted into a local Fredericksburg favorite, Foode Restaurant. One of the employees of Foode returned this cover of the safety deposit box to our customer. Shockingly, it was the same safety deposit box number the customer had had all those years ago. This was an interesting framing order. The cover was heavy as it was made from steel, so the frame had to be deep and able to withstand the weight. We chose a …

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