Featured Artist of the Month- Nicole Hamilton

Plum Branch Final

FEATURED ARTIST OF THE MONTH Nicole Hamilton March 2017   What is your favorite medium to work with? I love using charcoal for drawing because of the range of values and for painting I enjoy the rich buttery texture of oils. What is your biggest inspiration? My biggest inspiration is seeing how light can make almost anything I see so beautiful. One of my favorite quotes from Aaron Rose states this perfectly, “In The Right Light, At The Right Time. Everything Is Extraordinary”. Could you describe the common thematic elements of your work? I am drawn to the details of …

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Artist of the Month- Olivia Sanderson


Olivia Sanderson has been a resident of Fredericksburg for her entire life thus far. In her art, she wishes to create an experience rather than a masterpiece. She has no favorite medium; rather, her favorite technique is to experiment with many materials and mediums. Her biggest inspirations come from the people around her. She credits her love for art to her outstanding art teachers, who challenged her to find her focus and passion for art. She also mentioned her admiration for several professors of art she was taught under, as well as the encouragement she receives from her fellow Fredericksburg …

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Artist of the Month- Ceebs


  Frame Designs Gallery Artist of the Month December 2016 Ceebs has been a fundamental member of the Fredericksburg art community for over 30 years, because what is a local art community without it’s framer? Cheryl T. Bosch grew up with two siblings whose initials were all CTB- thus, they were the Ceebs. Ceebs is an ambiguous name that knows no stereotyping or expectations. Ceebs’ felted art is whimsical and elaborated, while her portraiture is lively, and borders on hyper- realism. She draws inspiring from all around her- nature, people, techniques, and more. Even curiosity yields great works- sometimes, her favorite …

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October Artist of the Month- Marcia Chaves


Frame Designs Artist of the Month October 2016 Marcia Chaves is a fundamental artist in the Fredericksburg community. Her work pulls from a great deal of historical features in the Fredericksburg area. She cites some of her favorite artists as Edward Hopper and Gari Melchers, another Fredericksburg local. She commonly shows at galleries such as the Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts and Frame Designs. From an early age, she has been a painter, and draws from her surroundings as inspiration in her work. Bright color and bold strokes dominate her work, which was a growing change from her earlier, …

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