Featured Framing of the Week- Large Print


Every year around the holiday season, Frame Designs is presented with some rather interesting framing challenges.

This year was no different.

Around a week before Christmas, we were presented with a rather large challenge, both figuratively and factually saloon-framespeaking.

A woman arrived in the shop with a print amounting to a whopping 58” x 88”, asking to receive it for a time- sensitive occasion around the new year.

Such a large piece is not easily completed, and brings about many challenges of its own.

For instance, because the painting was printed on paper, it would need the protection of glass and glass spacers to keep the artwork from touching the glass. The artwork would also have the potential to bow in the center due to the extremely large scale of the work, and would need to be mounted on something sturdy enough to prevent that from happening.

Furthermore, actually wrestling the artwork into the frame would prove to be a challenge as well, and would take the entire Frame Designs staff to do so.

Another factor of concern was size in general. Most oversized framing materials such as plexi and foam core for support come in sizes only up to 48” x 96”.

Our concerns were also based on efficiency, as this framing case was a time- sensitive manner, and we were determined to finish the product before Christmas.

Cheryl set to work researching materials and supplies to order for the piece due to its size. We custom ordered the plexi from a local glass and mirror supply store, and ordered oversized foam core and supplies to safely and sturdily attach two pieces together to where it would without a doubt hold over time.

There were several steps to actually getting the artwork into the frame.

First, the piece was mounted on the archival foam core, of which we actually used several pieces spliced together with acid free and archival supplies. The artwork itself was held onto the foam core with linen tape, which is a archival glue based piece of linen tape, which is easily removed with a gentle solvent if required in the future.

Once we had the supplies and materials in, it was fitting time. Cheryl, Dot, Olivia, and Jacob all working cohesively on the piece together, with the frame spanning across two giant tables in the front gallery, one of the only spaces at Frame Designs it would fit.

The plexi was gently placed inside the frame, and glass spacers were cut and butted up against one another in order to compensate for the size. Essentially, we spliced the glass spacers together. Thankfully, our fear of having the artwork bow in the center was actually of little concern as the backing seemed to provide a sturdy amount of relief.

The artwork was secured inside the frame by shooting sturdy framing points butted up against the foam core in the back. We used several dozen, as you can imagine.Finally, the back was covered with paper, and the customer told she was able to pick the piece up.

While certainly challenging, the experience was a learning moment and rewarding one at best. saloon-drive

The final product was outstanding.

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