Featured Framing of the Week- Large Print


Every year around the holiday season, Frame Designs is presented with some rather interesting framing challenges. This year was no different. Around a week before Christmas, we were presented with a rather large challenge, both figuratively and factually speaking. A woman arrived in the shop with a print amounting to a whopping 58” x 88”, asking to receive it for a time- sensitive occasion around the new year. Such a large piece is not easily completed, and brings about many challenges of its own. For instance, because the painting was printed on paper, it would need the protection of glass …

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Artist of the Month- Olivia Sanderson


Olivia Sanderson has been a resident of Fredericksburg for her entire life thus far. In her art, she wishes to create an experience rather than a masterpiece. She has no favorite medium; rather, her favorite technique is to experiment with many materials and mediums. Her biggest inspirations come from the people around her. She credits her love for art to her outstanding art teachers, who challenged her to find her focus and passion for art. She also mentioned her admiration for several professors of art she was taught under, as well as the encouragement she receives from her fellow Fredericksburg …

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