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December 2016

img_1685-267105137_largeCeebs has been a fundamental member of the Fredericksburg art community for over 30 years, because what is a local art community without it’s framer? Cheryl T. Bosch grew up with two siblings whose initials were all CTB- thus, they were the Ceebs. Ceebs is an ambiguous name that knows no stereotyping or expectations.

Ceebs’ felted art is whimsical and elaborated, while her portraiture is lively, and borders on hyper- realism. She draws inspiring from all around her- nature, people, techniques, and more. Even curiosity yields great works- sometimes, her favorite pieces start with the phrase, “what if I?….”.

In her realistic paintings, she likes to go above and beyond the visible eye.

“I love to find the extraordinary in the ordinary.  I love portraits and still lifes.  My landscapes never seem to live up to the beauty in nature, but I’ll keep trying.  I will often crop in close to a subject.  I feel it gives a more intimate look.”

Making art has always come naturally to Ceebs. From an early age, she was drawing tattoos on friends  with magic markers and creating portraits of her Barbie dolls. Felting was a love found later in her life, and has ignited a passion for a new material and set of techniques. Art is never boring to one such as Ceebs, for she seeks to discover new ways to create daily.

For those new to art, Ceebs offers great advice.dancer-ceebs

“Do it in as many forms as you wish.  Don’t be hung up on awards or praise, just make art.  Explore your medium/subject/style etc.  Sometimes artists are told to stick to one style so that their work can become instantly recognizable.  That is sound advice if you are trying to make living at it.  I find joy in not having to be dependent on what sells or doesn’t.  I can follow my own path and let whoever is left behind have a bonfire if they wish.”

Her biggest struggle in art is to “loosen up”, by focusing on the action of creating and not getting bogged down in the details too much to avoid enjoying the process of making art.

Owning an art gallery is another talent of Ceebs, and one that has  family history. Her favorite gallery was the Millbrook Art Gallery, featured in her uncle’s home. Frame Designs Gallery is a close second however, as the gallery has been her baby for 30 years.

When hypothetically asked what she would do with an art grant, she responded with this:

“I’d want to find a small town in another country where I could teach children to make art.  I’d want to immerse myself in another culture and really get to know the people while sharing with them my love of art and hopefully making it bloom in them.”

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