Rabbits, Rarebits, and Rabbets.

A rabbit is a cute little animal with a fuzzy tail and a pink nose.  They hop about, eating grass and they squeak if you squeeze them. But don’t squeeze them.  They aren’t very useful in framing.

img_9276Rarebit is delicious.  It is described as cheese melted with ale or beer served over toast.  It is not recommended to use with framing either. Rabbets are the inside edge of a frame going from the face to the back of the frame.  These are very important to know about.  Some frames have a shallow rabbet as small as ¼”.  They would work well with matted paper art or canvas panels. img_9274 I say matted because artwork should never touch the glass. If you don’t use a mat you can use a spacer.  An object like a golf ball will need a deep rabbet.  We will adhere spacers to the rabbit, keeping the glass at the face of the frame and allowing space for the golf ball.  The frames with deep rabbets can also be called shadowboxes.  When framing a canvas you won’t need glass but the rabbet depth should be deep enough for the depth of the canvas.



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