Featured Framing of the Week- Cutlery!


This week, we framed a set of utensils a customer had acquired in an antique store. We chose a deep silver shadowbox for the pieces due to their size as well as their weight. We needed a sturdy enough frame to support the heavy weight of the silver pieces. The customer brought in her own silk material that we attached to a piece of acid free foamcore in lieu of a mat. We also made mat spacers from the same silk material so that there was enough of a gap between the framed pieces and the glass. The pieces were …

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Rabbits, Rarebits, and Rabbets.

A rabbit is a cute little animal with a fuzzy tail and a pink nose.  They hop about, eating grass and they squeak if you squeeze them. But don’t squeeze them.  They aren’t very useful in framing. Rarebit is delicious.  It is described as cheese melted with ale or beer served over toast.  It is not recommended to use with framing either. Rabbets are the inside edge of a frame going from the face to the back of the frame.  These are very important to know about.  Some frames have a shallow rabbet as small as ¼”.  They would work well …

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