The Faces of Frame Designs- Cheryl Bosch


Who selfportrait04am I? Let’s start with the easy stuff. My name is Cheryl Bosch and I sign my artwork with the name ceebs. My sister, brother and I all have the same initials. My sister called us the ceebs. I like the nickname and it’s easier to paint!

We are originally from Pennsylvania. My sister came down first when she took a teaching job at Gayle middle school in 1982. One by one the rest of the family came down. I moved here first in August of 1985 and the took a job in BaltimoreĀ in November of 1985. I moved back in September of 1986 a week after my mom moved here. My brother also lives here now.

But does that tell you who I am?file_002

I’m an aunt to two beautiful nieces. They are now 17 and 18. I’m a mom to an almost 18 year old young man. I became his foster mom in 2012 and adopted him in 2014. It’s had it’s many challenges, but also it’s rewards.

I’m an artist and art enthusiast. It is the single most important thing in my life (after family and friends of course).

Lfile_003ife without art would be no life at all.

I live and work with my mom. She’s amazing. This photo was from her 80th birthday. Can you see the delight on her face?file_000-1

I love dogs and cats.

I really enjoy the change of seasons, especially the first cool days of fall.

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