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Artist of the Month

October 2016

Marcia Chaves is a fundamental artist in the Fredericksburg community. Her work pulls from a great deal of historical features in the Fredericksburg area. She cites some of her favorite artists as Edward Hopper and Gari Melchers, another Fredericksburg local. She commonly shows at galleries such as the Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts and Frame Designs.

From an early age, she has been a painter, and draws from her surroundings as inspiration in her work. Bright color and bold strokes dominate her work, which was a growing change from her earlier, intricately detailed works. Marcia shares that as she grew older, risk tasking became easier for her. As an artist, she focuses on portraying aspects of nature for the most part; however, she frequently paints representations of her childhood as well as her familial surroundings.

Marcia has always found great pride in selling and receiving awards for her pieces. It is her hope for her future artistic career to incorporate portrait work in the mix, which she continues to practice as she is now retired from her career as a Spanish teacher and has more time to paint.

When asked what she would do if awarded with an $10,000 art grant, she had this to say:

“With a $10,000 art grant, I would upgrade from start to finish. Casting aside my frugal and practical nature, I would begin with several large elite linen canvases, try out the many new colors available – cinnabar reds and greens, all the cadmiums and the cobalts, and paint with true abandon and for a year, explore color as never before. Finally, I would have Frame Designs put on the finishing touch with exquisite frames!

Marcia has a great many words of wisdom to share with up and coming artists:

For those who are new to art, here are some random thoughts and advice.

Over the years, I have accumulated a collection of photographs for reference and inspiration.

Carry a camera everywhere to capture the unexpected but inspiring images that we encounter so often in our everyday comings and goings.

Buy quality paint. Paint every day.

Use lots of paint, put it on the canvas and leave it alone. Don’t overblend.

Make a sketch to compose your image beforehand.

Finally, study the masters. My favorites are Edward Merritt Chase, Edward Hopper, and of course, Gari Melchers.


Frame Designs Gallery will host a few favorites from Marcia’s portfolio for the month of October.


  1. mgsong says:

    Marcia’s art, especially this particular rendering creates a wave of nostalgia as does her original water color that I viewed at a friend’s home.

    Beautifu; …and I love her philosophical approach to ”color”!!

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