Framing Friday!


img_8578This was brought to us by a customer who had previously worked at the National Bank of Fredericksburg. After the bank closed, the building was eventually converted into a local Fredericksburg favorite, Foode Restaurant. One of the employees of Foode returned this cover of the safety deposit box to our customer. Shockingly, it was the same safety deposit box number the customer had had all those
years ago.

This was an interesting framing order. The cover was heavy as it was made from steel, so the frame had to be deep and able to withstand the weight. We chose a simple chrome topped black shadowbox. For the matting, we went with a neutral black suede mat which gave the piece sophistication as well as emphasizing the numbers on the cover. The mat was cut to the exact shape of the door allowing it to be sunk into it.  There is a hidden structure of fomecore supporting the door.  For a special touch, we special ordered a plaque with the name of the bank and the dates of when it was open and closed.

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